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Foxton River SUP – A Whitewater Story

Foxton River SUP – A Whitewater Story

Whitewater SUP is quietly becoming a thing at OMG… For me, the adventure started about 2 months ago. First there was the lake, then an ACA course, and now… THE RIVER! Personally, I am pretty competent up to class two and then it becomes a shit show… I  have been working my class 3 on the Deckers Chutes and Clear Creek at high water. It is super fun and adventurous and sometimes really scary and painful!

My buddy Aaron has been doing this about a year and is pushing his class 4 rapids and decided that it was time to run Foxton. Personally, I am not there but there was a road for me to run and get some video footage so might as well literally “run” Foxton. Starting off Aaron (who will from now on be known as Bogs) and Adam “The Teenager” Morisset, had an interesting start. They basically decided to swim class 4 rapids rather than ride their paddleboards down. Trying not to laugh I watched until Bogs going into a hairy situation where a rope bag was possibly needed. When your board goes around the rock to the left and you go around to the right your leash puts you in a very interesting spot. With rope bag in hand to chuck Bogs he relayed the message that all was good and keep filming. About 20 seconds later Adam floated by off his board as well. At this point my nervous laughter was turning into full on laughter.

One of the best parts about this trip was our buddy Will Strathmann (an awesome buddy/drone pilot) decided to join us to get some great footage. He is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, fully licensed commercial drone operator, and video editor currently based in Denver, Colorado.  With a passion for creating dramatic visuals and an eye for perfection,  he seeks out hard to get shots and compelling stories.  His work has been featured and published by National Geographic, Der Spiegel International Magazine, Terra Mater Magazine, Adventure Kayaking Magazine, Teton Gravity Research, and more.  His film work includes the award winning films, A Grand Pursuit and Until 20, as well as professional work as freelance camera operator, editor, and associate producer on numerous commercial, corporate, and medical shorts.  Will has shot and edited work for companies such as The New York Times, PBS, and The Weather Channel among many others.

Back to the fun! After the first “run” Bogs and Adam decided that they could not swim the first giant rapid of the day… They had to run it… and run it they did. Navigating the rocks of the boulder garden and first few drops was awesome to see. Especially with the confidence both of them displayed. They made it look easy!

Finally we got to where the fun really happened the double waterfall! Adam ran it once followed by Bogs who worked the line 3 or 4 times. Each drop was roughly 5 feet into a nice edy after the big hole with roughly 30 yards separating the two falls. Between the drone footage and shots that I took maybe it will make a good film (hint hint).

By far the falls were my favorite part to watch on Foxton! It was awesome to see the skill sets growing tackling this bigger water. In the next few months, we hope to push the limit further and see what we can do as the #mapleriversharks SUP Squad.

Foxton Report
Boards: Hala Atcha 9’6, Hala Atcha 8’6
River Runners: Aaron Bogdanovich, Adam Morisset
CFS: 685
Length: 6.5 miles
Hazards: Large Boulders, Undercuts, and a few strainers.
Access:Pine Valley Open Space, off 126 Road near Pine, on river left at about 0.0 miles; Cloud Rest Area below the Town of Buffalo Creek and 126 Road on river left at about 2.0 miles; Dome Rock area on river left at about 6.5 miles; Confluence access at 96 Road and SH 67, where the North Fork and the South Platte River meet, at about 8.0 miles. There may be other access points for this section of the North Fork.



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