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Secret Falls

Secret Falls

Since I moved to Colorado there has not been a chance for me to get on ice… One of my favorite things ever back east was ice climbing. It just seemed fun and natural to me. Personally, I feel much better on a moving pillar of frozen water than rock. How that makes and sense, I have no idea…

We started our trip out on Windy Saddle Park where we geared up and started our 1600 foot decent to Secret Falls. Our initial walk was about one mile of icy rolling hills over looking a steep ledge. From hear we put on crampons and began our decent to the drainage ditch that ended on top of a large water fall.

With one short repel we were on a wonderful large platform that overlooked a beautiful frozen waterfall. Here we began our 115 foot repel to the bottom of the drainage ditch.

The climbing was easy but very fun. If you are looking for a nice walk in the woods followed by great climbing then Secret Falls is not to be missed!


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