20 Signs You're a Jerry

  1. You don’t know what a Jerry is
  2. You have a gaper gap
  3. You ski in jeans
  4. You wear a non-sporting winter jacket (or worse, a onesie)
  5. Your jacket has fur on it
  6. You tuck your pants into your boots
  7. You bought goggles from Amazon
  8. The number of pics you post to Instagram is greater than the number of runs you did
  9. You take selfies in the park without ever hitting a feature
  10. You keep Fireball on you at all times
  11. You’ve crashed into a “slow” sign
  12. You frequently cut people off
  13. You tie your gear to the roof of your car (i.e. you don’t have a roof rack or don't keep your gear in the friggin' car)
  14. You're a member of a brand cult (I’m looking at you, Bent Chetler fans)
  15. You brag about your insane powder day after an inch of fresh snow
  16. You’re a jerk to the lifties
  17. You litter (bonus points if you litter beer cans)
  18. You backcountry without taking an AIARE course or a solid mentor
  19. Your name is Jerry (just kidding... maybe...)
  20. You don’t buy swag from Outbound Mountain Gear

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