7 essential bike accessories

1. Bike Helmet:

The Smith Forefront 2 has been our go-to across the board for OMG staff. Featuring full Koroyd,® MIPS, and an integrated skeletal structure, it creates a roll cage for added strength and impact protection. Not only does Smith put the ultimate protection in the helmet, it also looks great and feels even better.

2. Flat Repair Kit:

The Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs Tire Repair Kit dropped this year with handlebar intergradation, which has been a game changer for us! This tool is designed to get you out of a jam with tire punctures and you can even match the color of your ride. Bicycle frame integration + flat plugs for inflation = a get out of walk free card when put into capable hands.

3. Sunnies:

Julbo Fury makes you look fast and ride faster! With a transition that takes roughly 23 seconds to change from category 0-3, these are our riders’ choice with full coverage and eye protection for any ride.

4. Multi-Tool:

What’s the best way to never forget your multi-tool? Let your bike carry it! A lot of bikes have built-in tools, but not like the OneUp Components EDC V2 Tool. Get this tool at OMG and get a free install with the option to fully customize your color to keep with that look good, feel good theme.

5. Riding Pack:

Fanny Packs all day! Keep that sweat off your back, ride with a lower profile, and carry your essentials! Our go-to is the Osprey - Seral 4. We love that we can fit any tool, snacks, or accessories you would want. It also comes with a lumbar hydration system for H20 on the go!

6. Bike Shoes:

Yep, we have shoes for flats and shoes for clipless. At OMG, we are hot on the new Ride Concepts Hellion Elite for both men and women. This shoe features MAX GRIP rubber and 30%+ recycled upper microfiber micro bacterial upper for better breathability and comfort.

7. MTB Clothing: 

Look good, feel good, right? Well there is a reason for mountain bike clothing. For guys, a must have is the BN3TH - North Shore Chamois. This piece offers the first of its kind patent-pending MTB-specific (Sea-to-Sky) STS Pad™ and patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ to support your boys. For the ladies, we have the Shredly - Yogacham. This piece offers an 8-panel articulated design that covers exactly where you need it, no more or no less.

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