All About Fat Bikes

When thinking about getting active outside in the winter, people immediately consider skiing and snowboarding. I know we do! Did you know that biking in the winter isn’t off limits? Thanks to the fat bike revolution, biking 12 months out of the year is still a possibility here in Colorado!

So what is a fat bike anyway? No, it’s not a bike calling you fat. A fat bike has large, wide tires capable of handling a huge range of trail conditions. Thanks to those wider tires, a fat bike can be ridden across snow with ease. A fat bike is a great option for getting outside after a snowstorm or if trails stay snow covered for many months. Ultimately, fat bikes are just flat out fun!

Here at OMG, we sell and provide service for these bikes. If you want to try one before buying or just want to experience what a fat bike is like, we also have a variety of demos available. Come stop by for all of your fat bike needs! 

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