Best Holiday Gifts Under $50 for Skiers/Snowboarders

Looking for a budget-friendly holiday gift for the skier or snowboarder in your life? Not sure what to get them and want to find something they will actually use? Check out these options under $50 that they are sure to love!

The Burke Tune: $50

Goggle Soc: $15

Flylow Tough Guy Glove: $40

Hand Warmer 3 Pack: $4.50

Stance Snow Socks: $30 (various sizes and colors available)

Black Diamond Ski Strap: $7 (The OMG one is better ;-)

G3 Skin Wax Kit: $14

BCA Field Book: $30

BCA Ruler: $10

Beacon Guidebooks: $25 (various locations available)

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