Creative Excuses to Skip Work on a Powder Day

  1. My dog ate my laptop
  2. I need a break from this hostile working environment (works particularly well in a home office)
  3. Doc Brown just appeared at my doorstep and said we have to get back to the future
  4. I forgot my anniversary and need to do something special for my wife
  5. Mercury is in retrograde
  6. Today is the Holy Day (requires good knowledge of a real or fake religion)
  7. My mommy said I’m not allowed to see you today
  8. I sprained my wrist and my ego while playing Guitar Hero
  9. I’m participating in a clinical trial and need to do some testing (then wink 4 times and slap yourself)
  10. The internet exploded thanks to the Millennials 
  11. I’ve been exposed to gamma radiation and am worried I might turn into the Hulk
  12. *insert ski name here* is having a crisis (works best if your ski has a person name i.e. Line Tom Wallisch Pro)
  13. Elon Musk told me not to work
  14. The Force is guiding me elsewhere
  15. I have to go support my political party (out of fear you’re a member of a different party, your boss won’t ask for more details)
  16. If I don’t learn this TikTok dance today, my child will disown me
  17. I have amnesia and don’t know who you are or why I’m here
  18. I just found out my dog is a Slytherin and I need to stop his plot to take over Hogwarts
  19. My spirit guide is taking me on a journey of self-discovery (requires a backcountry guide)
  20. I’m skipping work to go skiing because it’s a powder day

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