Devinci Troy Carbon GX 12 Speed

One cool thing about a demo program is that we can really get to know the bikes as a staff to help you get the proper bike that will meet your needs. Today I had the pleasure of riding the Devinci Troy. The Devinci Troy Carbon GX 12s matches up with the Orbea Occam, Guerrilla Gravity Smash, and Rocky Mountain Instinct at Outbound Mountain Gear. All these bikes are considered "Trail" bikes, or now commonly called "All Mountain" bikes. These beauties generally range between 140mm and 160mm of travel. So, let's get into it! 

Devinci is a Canadian brand that really loves their aluminum builds but also makes some really high end carbon bikes that pros love, especially on the downhill. Devinci is a brand most known for their gravity bikes that you would see at UCI downhill competitions, Red Bull Rampage, and other various Enduro/Downhill events. Their most known bike is probably the Wilson but fortunately for us they make a lot of other quality bikes for every range of rider! At Outbound Mountain Gear, we have been selling Devinci since our start in 2019.

General specs of the Carbon 12 GX build: 

  • Fox 140 X2/160 36 Performance
  • SRAM GX Groupo
  • SRAM Code Breaks
  • SDG Tellis Dropper
  • RaceFace Wheels Arc 30
  • RaceFace Vault Hubs (These are super rad and inexpensive)
  • 33.77lb on mediums (I rode a large today)
  • Super Boost (157mm in the rear and this proves to also be rad)
  • Maxxis Minion DHF 29 2.5 3C Maxx Grip Double Down TR
  • Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 3C Maxx Grip Double Down TR

First Impressions:

The Devinci Troy has always intrigued me, but in the last few years I’ve been riding my Orbea Occam M10 LT, so I decided to hop on the Troy the other day to have some fun. I had to see what the super boost and 160mm travel up front could do on some of the local trails. Right off the bat, I was giggling! This bike is poppy, nimble, and really wants to play bikes with you. I took the Devinci down Rutabaga Ride for a kick off, new ride and new trail here around Evergreen, Colorado (we will have a trail review later). In short, Rutabaga Ride is a downhill only trail full of flow with plenty of kickers and great berms. The Devinci Troy wanted to load up through the berms and turn on the afterburners through the corners. Also, it did not take a lot to get the bike in the air but could also stay planted no problem. Finally, the short chainstays and super boost made this really easy to maneuver and super stable. 


The large size bike I rode weights over 33.7lbs, but still climbed very well. For such a big-feeling bike the Devinci Troy climbed great! With a flick of a switch you can firm up that suspension and really make this thing move uphill. Although this bike is slack for a trail bike at 65 degrees, I did not feel at odds with it going uphill. The steep seat tube angle certainly helps out being almost 77 degrees. Certainly it will not beat out your Rocky Mountain Element or Orbea Oiz on the uphill, but it’s not your XC bike, it is your big capable all mountain bike! If you need one bike in your quiver for all of your favorite trails, this certainly rates high on my charts. 


The Devinci Troy is like me, it wants to ride downhill. This is where this bike excels! Like I said, it is slack for a trail bike at 65 degrees, put that 29 out there and let it roll! So where does this nimbleness come in? Those chain stays at 440mm on a big bike make it super snappy, and then you have the super boost which creates stability with the larger spacing and hub flange at 157mm. I did not get nearly as much flex as you normally would out of the aluminum wheels due to the super boost, which allowed me to keep traction and really lean the big over on the tires. The other spot all this grip comes from is those beefy tires, double downs and 3C maxx grip! They certainly add some weight but are just awesome for the downhill! Rutabaga Ride is full of kickers and little drops where I had my choice to preload the shocks and fly or have the bike absorb all those rocks and roots. Downhill this bike was super fun and exactly what I would look for in an all mountain bike. 

Who is this bike for?

The Devinci Troy Carbon 12s GX is for anyone that wants to have a 1-bike quiver. It climbs pretty well for a slack trail bike and really shines on the downhill, being quick and snappy. An average rider like me will get a great reward on the downhill from this bike as you feel in the cockpit and really can feel the bike move with you. Despite it being a bit heavier it climbs well, the super boost and carbon frame create a great platform for the up as well as the down. Anyone would have a smile on their face riding the Devinci Troy Carbon 12s GX.


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