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Flylow Gear is one of our local winter brands, and we’ve been stoked with their bike offerings as well! With clothing for men and women, Flylow is our go-to local bike and ski apparel. At Outbound Mountain Gear  we believe in keeping it local!

Recently on a brutally hot day riding the trails at Buffalo Creek, I stayed a little cooler in my Flylow gear. Wearing the Anderson shirt, Goodson short, and dirt glove, I took to the trail on an Evil Wreckoning with my lovely lady Rachel and her Orbea Occam M10.

For an idea on sizing, my friends call me fluffy, but if you want numbers I am 6'3 and 230lbs. What can I say, I like beer!

Flylow Gear

First, let's talk about the Anderson shirt. I wore size XL in Night. There is literally nothing bad to say about this jersey. It’s light, stretchy, wicking, and looks good for your after shred Aprés sessions. Personally I own 3 of these and wear them to work, bike, and the bar. This shirt would be a great choice for any sport as long as it has the gnar! As far as sizing goes, it is true to size with enough room to size down if you want to look swoll. If you’re feeling nervous about biking in a collard shirt first put this in your hands and feel it, second try it on, and third buy it from your favorite local Outbound Mountain Gear. We will not steer you wrong when it comes to looking good, riding bikes, and drinking beer.

Next, let's talk about the Goodson shorts (mine are size 38 in Brick.) This is an everyday stretchy short that sits right in the middle of the Deckard and Lazer shorts, Flylow's downhill and XC offerings.  This was my first pair of shorts that oriented the pockets in a way that lets my phone sit on the outside of my leg and not on top of my thigh. GAME CHANGER!!! This short was a bit big for a 38 with some stretch, but it does have belt loops and Flylow sells belts so that is awesome! I wish I had a belt for the ride downhill because I did lose my shorts a bit.


There was also some tightness on the thighs that did not really bother me due to the stretch but it should be called out. For the Goodson, consider trying a size down from your usual. Overall, this short is not far off from my go to short, it could be more of a body type thing for my perfect fit. Maybe being a bigger dude I am more of a Deckard guy, but that’s another post.

Flylow makes awesome gloves for winter and now biking! The Dirt glove keeps that dirtbag ski look with a velcro cuff that I happen to love. My sizing was XL in Black. One cool feature is that you can easily use your phone to take pictures and videos for your Strava feed, because not only do you look good, you’re also fast in your light, awesome bike apparel from Flylow Gear! This glove is a universal fit and is great for me but they do tend to run a bit big, so ladies and smaller guys size down and you should be golden! One feature of these gloves is they will not be your light breathable glove like the flexair series from Fox. They are tough, rugged and dependable for all of your gnarly rides.

Anyway, there you have it. Flylow Gear and Outbound Mountain Gear love each other because we are both local and we ski, ride, and bike together. There is a lot more Flylow gear at the shop and we would be happy to help you out.

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