Full Service Tune Shop

Here at OMG we have a combined 40+ years of mounting, tuning, and repairing skis and snowboards. So when a ski or snowboard comes in for service we are adamant about conveying to you exactly what we are going to do to your beloved equipment, and precisely how the tune or repair is going to make your skis or board preform better and allow you a more enjoyable time on the snow. 

We want you to understand what you’re getting from us in each tune. Each ski or board is run by hand and analyzed through the tune process until we are happy with the finished project. We are more than happy to answer any questions or explain any of the processes. And finally, we always offer 24-hour turnaround and often same day service if brought in before noon…liquid encouragement after noon will help your case.

Skis or board slow? Let us grind and restructure your bases? Let us add DPS’s PHANTOM system to your board or skis. PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application base treatment that provides increased glide across all conditions. No need to wax your sticks again.

Snow Shark get your board? We can fix it. We use Polytec wire repair material, not P-TEX to repair anything from a scratch to a full core shot or edge replacement. P-TEX is not a permanent solution and does not adhere well to wood or fiberglass which inevitably the repair will crack and fall out.

Custom mounts? Come see us for any of your quiver killer or binding freedom mounts, or even better, check out our new partners at CAST Touring that give you the most bombproof touring setup when paired with our Look Pivot 15\18 bindings! We take a lot of pride in all our service work here at OMG and it will always be guaranteed. 

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