Imagine a shop...

Imagine a true one-stop shop backcountry ski/split shop. One place for all of your gear, apparel and education, in a judgment-free, beginner-friendly yet experienced environment. ⁠

At this shop, you could get your skis and splitboards, boots, bindings, and poles, all professionally fitted by seasoned employees. Then they’d help you choose the safety gear that’s right for you (beacon, probe and shovel). Add on some accessories like your snow study kit and cool little gadgets like the poleclinometer, then get fitted for a backpack of your choice, airbag or not. Add in the sweet outfit made to work in all conditions, all day long. That one stop shop doesn’t stop there! They continue with education: if you don’t know how to use gear, they prep you with backcountry 101 on the hill without any judgement in an area where you can safely make mistakes and learn. Again with no judgment on how you ski or board, they would teach beginners and seasoned pros the ways of the backcountry. Next, when you get your feet under you, you’d go back to this one-stop shop for your AIARE 1 and 2 courses. Finally, since accidents do happen in the backcountry, that shop arms you with education in Companion Rescue and Wilderness First Aid.⁠

This shop exists in a 1300 sqft space located in downtown Evergreen, and it’s called Outbound Mountain Gear. OMG is a shop that offers something different than the traditional “Ski Shop.” We offer real backcountry experience in a judgement-free area, where you can ask any question and get a true, ego-free answer. We are a shop that embraces beginners, welcomes experienced skiers & riders, and educates everyone to the highest standard.

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