Less "e" More Bike, The Orbea Rise H15

I recently went for a ride with a friend who had just bought the Orbea Rise H15. His level of stoke? HIGH. In his words, “This is the best ride of my life!” I could understand, having enjoyed many trails on the Rise myself. What makes this bike so much different from any other mountain bike, including other e-bikes? While its geometry is exactly what you would expect for a trail bike, the Rise includes a number of special features to enhance your mountain biking experience.

Orbea Rise H15 - Outbound Mountain Gear


The best part about the Occam Rise H15 is that it is just enough “e” and still enough “bike.” You don’t have to give up that feeling of pedaling to the top - the bike doesn’t do everything for you, it helps you enough to keep your ride going strong. The pedal assist function helps to take the edge off of a tough climb or a technical section that’s been giving you trouble. You can feel yourself getting a great workout while the extra power gives you just enough “oomf” to get over that technical section or extend your ride for another few miles. Most of the time when I’m on the Rise, I keep it on eco mode. Sometimes I turn the power off and it’s still very rideable. Occasionally when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll put it in boost mode and glide up the mountain just for fun!


Have you ever been heckled by hikers on a trail because you’re on an e-bike? At a glance, the Rise looks like a regular mountain bike, thanks to its lightweight setup (only 36 lbs) and the discrete motor. It’s also quiet, the motor makes a soft hum that isn’t very noticeable to others around you. It is a fantastic climber, and the fact that it’s a few pounds heavier with the motor helps you to feel steady and stable on the downhill.

The Occam Rise H15 is, in my opinion, one of the best bikes you can get at Outbound Mountain Gear. It is a great trail bike with just enough power to take the edge off, to keep you riding harder and longer. If you’re loving the feel and flow of your trail bike but you also wish for the power of an e-bike, the Rise is your next ride.

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