Orbea MYO (Make Your Own)

Orbea MYO (Make Your Own) is a customization program offered by the renowned bicycle manufacturer, Orbea. It allows riders to personalize various aspects of their bikes, including frame colors, graphics, components, and specifications. With Orbea MYO, riders can create a truly unique and tailored bike that reflects their individuality and preferences.

Orbea MYO (Make Your Own)

What is it?

One of the key features of Orbea MYO is the ability to choose the frame color and graphics. Orbea offers a wide range of color options, from vibrant and bold to more subtle and classic choices. This customization extends to the graphics as well, allowing riders to select from different designs or even add their own personalized touch. With this level of customization, riders can create a bike that not only performs exceptionally but also stands out from the crowd.

Tell me more...

In addition to frame customization, Orbea MYO allows riders to choose the components and specifications of their bikes. This includes drivetrain options, suspension systems, wheels, tires, brakes, handlebars, and more. Riders can select from a range of options offered by reputable component manufacturers, such as Shimano, SRAM, Fox, RockShox, and DT Swiss. This level of customization ensures that riders can fine-tune their bikes to suit their riding style, terrain preferences, and performance needs.


The drivetrain is a crucial component of any bike, and Orbea MYO allows riders to choose from a variety of options. Whether it's a 1x, 2x, or even a belt-drive system, riders can select the drivetrain that best suits their needs. This includes choosing the number of gears, gear ratios, and the specific components that make up the drivetrain system. With a wide range of choices, riders can optimize their bike's gearing for efficient climbing, fast descents, or a balance of both.


Suspension systems play a vital role in a bike's performance, especially when it comes to off-road riding. Orbea MYO offers riders the opportunity to select the suspension components that match their riding preferences. This includes choosing the suspension fork, rear shock, and their respective travel lengths. Riders can opt for high-performance options like Fox, RockShox, or Orbea's own suspension components. This customization ensures that riders can dial in their bike's suspension characteristics to deliver the desired level of comfort, control, and responsiveness on the trails.


Wheels and tires are critical for traction, handling, and overall ride quality. Orbea MYO allows riders to select the wheel size, rim material, spoke type, and hub options based on their preferences and intended use. Whether it's 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels, riders can choose the size that suits their riding style and terrain. Tires also come in various tread patterns and widths, allowing riders to optimize grip, rolling resistance, and durability based on the type of terrain they typically ride.


Brakes are another essential component for any bike, and Orbea MYO provides choices in this area as well. Riders can select from a range of hydraulic disc brakes from renowned manufacturers such as Shimano or SRAM. Brake rotor sizes can also be customized, allowing riders to choose the appropriate size for their intended riding style and terrain. With reliable and powerful brakes, riders can have confidence in their bike's stopping power and modulation.

More Customization

Handlebars, stems, and saddles are crucial contact points between the rider and the bike. Orbea MYO offers options for handlebars and stems, allowing riders to choose the width, rise, and materials that suit their riding preferences and body dimensions. The saddle can also be customized to provide the desired level of comfort and support for long rides or aggressive trail riding.

Who is MYO for?

MYO, or Make Your Own, is great for anyone that wants a bike that is literally their own. Personally I own an Orbea Occam M10 LT that is coral and sky blue, with Shimano XT 8120 brakes, and maxed out in Fox Factory. It cost me the same amount as the Orbea Occam M10 LT in a stock color but as far as I know, mine is the only one in existence with this color scheme. I think it just feels a bit more special when the bike fits your personality, kit, and riding style. Orbea Crushes the MYO program and I am so happy it is back after covid. 

Call Outbound Mountain Gear today to secure your MYO for the Orbea Rise M10 and the Orbea Occam M10 LT today! Limited numbers and size but unlimited colors and features!

MYO (Make Your Own)

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