Product Review: Flylow Foxy Bib

This review comes from Lauren, a friend of OMG who is also the ghostwriter on most of our "funny" blog posts (she thinks she's funny, but you can be the judge of that). She bought the Flylow Foxy Bib in 2020 to replace a pair of Roxy pants. Although she works as a ski sales rep, she is not sponsored or compensated by Flylow.

Fact: I hate women's ski gear. I'm tired of ridiculously tight ski pants that don't allow for any movement and try to advertise butts. Most ski companies assume that women care about looking good above all else. Since I stand at a whopping 5'3.5", I don't have a choice but to buy women's ski gear. Flylow has been an incredible exception in the ski apparel market, as they make gear with technical use at the forefront of their designs.

While the Foxy Bib is the more stylish option of their shell bibs, it has all of the technical features I needed. It has 20k/20k waterproofing and breathability, a good amount of stretch, and solid articulation around the joints. I never had any issues with water getting into it. I layered it with down capris and wool baselayers on cold days or nothing at all in May. I really love the comfort of a bib over traditional pants, and it is cut with athletic hips and thighs in mind.

I retired this bib after a season and a half. The wear was minimal, but I ended up ripping them in a freak accident that is not indicative of how the bib actually withstands use. I ejected from my ski, and the ski cut me right through my bib and baselayers as well as my knee (kudos to OMG for the amazing, pants-ripping tune). The scar is awesome, but the rip in my bib was not awesome. I replaced them with the Flylow Moxie Bib that I bought from OMG. Although I prefer the look of the Moxie Bib, I would strongly recommend the Foxy Bib to any woman looking for a technical bib that won't have people mistaking them for a boy.

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