Product Review: Shredly MTB Glove

I used the Shredly MTB Glove last summer, and I honestly love them! Shredly is a female-specific MTB apparel brand, and their construction for a woman's body is top notch. These gloves are designed to fit the slender nature of a woman's hand. They come in a wide range of sizes, including tiny sizes for children. As someone with a super tiny hand, I was excited to find that these gloves in an extra small fit perfectly with no extra material flapping around. The narrow wrist is snug but not too tight, and I didn't find myself missing an adjustable wrist strap.

These gloves are a great combination or breathable and durable. They have a super stretchy mesh on the top, and the palms have laser-cut venting. I never found my hands sweating when I wore these! They show no wear and tear after last season, even after my nasty fall at Vail. My knees were ripped up, but my gloves stayed intact (see photo evidence below). I highly recommend these gloves to anyone with smaller hands who tends to overheat and doesn't need extra finger protection.

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