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The right gear makes all the difference for enjoying your time in the mountains, and mountain bike shorts are an essential component to feeling comfortable while you’re pedaling up trails or cruising down them. There’s a lot to choose from in women’s biking clothes, and it’s important to find what fits right and feels good for you. This year, Outbound Mountain Gear is proud to carry Shredly shorts!

Shredly - Outbound Mountain Gear

Shredly is women specific, and they have options for every shape and size. This year’s updates have made them even more comfortable and convenient. One new feature I’m stoked for on this year’s shorts is a partial yoga-style waistband, that allows the shorts to settle comfortably on the right part of your body and move easily with you as you move on the bike. The loose fit on the legs leaves room for movement and air flow while you ride. Choose from the short or long style to fit your personal preference. Another great addition to this year’s shorts is an additional zipper pocket on the left leg of the shorts, in addition to the button pocket on the right leg.

Shredly - Outbound Mountain Gear

These shorts are for more than just biking. With just the right amount of stretch in the fabric, they are great for any outdoor excursion. They’ll keep you moving on a day-long hike, they’re convenient to wear on a camping trip, and they dry quickly after a dip in the lake! The fun patterns will stand out in your photos, and are nice enough to wear for a trip into town.

Check out the patterns and styles in stock at Outbound Mountain Gear, and be sure to wave when you see other Shredly enthusiasts out on the trails!

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