The Master of Fun - Orbea Laufey

In a world where mountain bikes are constantly changing with the newest components and updated geometry, the Orbea Laufey is one hardtail bike that certainly keeps up with the pack. From beginner riders to seasoned & experienced riders, the Laufey is a great choice for many reasons.

Orbea Laufey - Outbound Mountain Gear

When I first started mountain biking, I went into Outbound Mountain Gear and bought the Laufey. It was a bike I could afford as a beginner, unsure of how I’d end up liking the sport or if it was something I’d want to fully invest in (spoiler alert: I love it and I want all the bikes!) The Laufey was the absolute perfect bike for me to ride in my first few seasons, for many reasons. The 29” wheels with wide, sturdy tires helped to give me confidence as a beginner. The fact that it is a hardtail bike allowed me to feel the trails I was riding; some people cautioned me against getting a hardtail for this exact reason, but it ended up being the best choice for me. It made me learn how to choose smart lines and stay in tune with the trails as I started riding more technical terrain. It’s a great climber and it helped me to build the strength and confidence to climb up challenging hills. It was also fun and quick on the downhills. The Orbea Laufey taught me how to “trust the bike,” which enabled me to ride smarter and faster.

The Laufey isn’t just for beginners. Another friend I ride with is a very experienced rider, and enjoys the Laufey for reasons of his own. He enjoys the nimble light playfulness the Laufey offers on all sorts of terrain. If you are looking for an inexpensive hardtail that gives you the bang for your buck, check out the Orbea Laufey. 

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