The Evil Offering V2 first few rides

When looking for a new mountain bike for this season I had a few things in mind that I knew I wanted in a bike. Something that could climb as well as it descends, had a slack enough geometry to made it feel like a "bigger" (longer travel) bike than it is, and a bike that would be snappy and playful on the downhill. The new Evil Offering fits all these requirements and more.

With a headtube angle at 65.3 degrees, the Fox 36 160mm fork and the adjustable linkage in x-low position, the bike descends much more like a bigger enduro bike than a 140mm travel trail bike, but it also climbs great with the DELTA rear linkage and the Fox X2 shock installed.

The newest addition to this V2 Offering over the original Evil Offering is Super Boost 157mm spacing in the rear end. This makes the stays on the bike not only shorter and snappier, but also stiffer, resulting in  bike that pops in and out of turns easily and very nimble. The super low center of gravity in the frame and rear triangle make the bike feel very planted in the corners and gives me a feeling of confidence in hitting berms at higher speeds.

All in all, I have been very satisfied with the Evil V2 Offering with the early season rides I've had on it so far. 

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