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At OMG we consider our service department to be the heart and soul of our shop. It is what keeps you biking, skiing, and riding. Without our service shop, and without you trusting us with your gear, we do not exist. With that being said, we have decided to honor our culture of the gnar by naming our tunes after people that we have lost and have affected our lives and our industry in a positive way.

Today we highlight Steve "Chainsaw" Smith:

At two years old, little Steve Smith kicked off his training wheels and started his biking adventure. At six, his grandmother traded a year’s worth of pies for Steve's first Free Agent BMX bike. From here, the racing started. 

At twelve years old, Steve could not lose a race around his home town of Nanaimo, British Columbia. To Steve, this got boring and he left the BMX world behind to start mountain biking. Doing drops for fun in the "adult" sport of mountain biking, Steve competed in BC cups and the MTB world now knew Steve Smith. 

In 2013, Steve struck gold in UCI DHI World Cup at 24 years old by winning races in Leogang, Hafjell, and Mont-Sainte-Anne. The years 2014 and 2015 were plagued with injuries that kept him sidelined and out of the race circuit. In 2016, Steve was healthy and had an explosive start to the competition.

Unfortunately, on May 10th, 2016, the world lost Steve to a terrible brain injury resulting from an enduro motorcycle accident. He was 26 years old. In his passing, the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation was created and is committed to creating opportunities to support elite Canadian gravity racers as they strive to achieve their own dreams of competing on the world stage.

Steve Smith 1989-2016

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