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At OMG we consider our service department the heart and soul of our shop. It is what keeps you biking, skiing, and riding. Without our service shop, and without you trusting us with your gear, we do not exist. With that being said, we have decided to honor our culture of the gnar by naming our tunes after people that we have lost and have affected our lives and our industry in a positive way.

Today we highlight Jordie Lunn. 

Jordie Lunn
Photo: Sterling Lorence

Jordie's appearance was, to some, intimidating with his tattoos, size, and gold teeth, but in contrast he was a gentle and friendly guy. Being a MTB coach, he was adored by his students. He was a positive and friendly person that loved this sport and gave everything he had to it. 

Jordie Lunn         Photo: Sterling Lorence

Jordie started his MTB career in the cross country world but started racing downhill. In 2003 he was the highest ranked DH racer in North America. Eventually, he left racing to pursue freeriding films like The Collective and ROAM.

Jordie Lunn        Photo: Christian Pondella / Red Bull Content Pool

On October 19, 2019 we lost Jordie to a fatal head injury while trail riding in Mexico. 

Jordie Lunn 1983-2019

Enjoy some Jordie Lunn video below:

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