The Orbea Occam M10

Making the switch to a full suspension mountain bike was the best decision I could have made for the start of a new mountain biking season. The Orbea Occam has already proven itself to be a dream on the trails for this mountain bike enthusiast. Here in Evergreen we have easy access to many types of trails, from long uphill hauls on dirt and gravel to technical descents, and everything in between. The Orbea Occam M10 does it all and makes it fun.

Weighing in at less than 30 lbs and with the suspension dialed in just right, it climbs over obstacles like it’s floating on a cloud. Downhill, it’s sturdy, trustworthy, and quick. This bike knows how to glide over technical terrain and take a quick turn when it needs to. Have a little fun with it when you get to those little kickers - let your bike spread its wings and fly for a few fun feet! Don’t worry, the landing is as smooth as you could wish for. 

The Orbea Occam is quickly becoming my go-to mountain bike for any trail I’m craving to ride. It can crush a full-day bikepacking trip, or zip around a quick trail after work. This bike came to party, it’s ready to hit the trails early and shred as long as you can keep your feet on the pedals!

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