Evergreen, Colorado

We are lucky to call Evergreen, Colorado our home! Being MTB and snow enthusiasts we have a vast range of trails and zones that we can easily access and spend our days off. If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity on your vacation feel free to stop in an pick our brains! We have mountain bike, snowboards, skis, and paddleboard rentals for your enjoyment that you can take anywhere! OMG Evergreen is your local gear shop!

Our Favorite Trails:

Elk Meadow - True to its name, Elk Meadow Park is the most likely place in the Open Space system to view herds of elk. Trail experiences are diverse including the option for the 4.7-mile difficult hike with a 2,100-foot elevation gain from the Stagecoach Boulevard trailhead to 9,708-foot Bergen Peak.  

Alderfer/Three Sisters - Near the heart of Evergreen, Alderfer/Three Sisters Park has stunning vistas, landmark rock formations, beautiful old stands of ponderosa pine and the most trails per acre of any foothills park.

Floyd Hill - The trailhead is at nearly 8,000 feet in elevation making this an easy access, high elevation system which is okay to be done in the heat of summer. The trails are not directional but your best bet is to ride them clockwise (as mapped) starting with a mellow climb to the west from the lot on Lower Loop. You'll have some additional climbing in the shade as you get to the Upper Loop and a good amount of downhill to look forward to once you get to the ridge.

Lair O' the Bear Lair o’ the Bear Park is a favorite of Open Space visitors and families due to its abundance of picnic tables and proximity to Bear Creek for fishing. For a challenging experience, enjoy a 12.6-mile, round-trip journey on Bear Creek Trail passing through three adjoining Denver Mountain Parks to the west.

Flying J Ranch - Enjoy a peaceful three-mile loop among old-growth lodgepole pine, ponderosas and Douglas fir. Flying J Ranch is a great place for picnicking in rustic timber shelters, as well as a favorite destination for snowshoeing.

Maryland Mountain From the Hidden Treasure Trailhead, head out on the Historic Gilpin Tramway. The Tramway surface is approximately 48" in width, with grades generally under 4%, making this trail accessible to everyone. Walkers, runners, strollers, leashed pets and kids on bikes will all enjoy the 2.7-mile route. Continue on the Quartz Valley Trail for another half a mile, then take the right turn onto Easy Money. Climb all the switchbacks, cross the fire road and keep climbing. At the intersection with Claim Jumper, take a right and head down the first bike-optimized trail of the ride. Built with bikes in mind, this trail is multi-use and bidirectional but is most fun ridden downhill with a couple of challenging alternate lines that make the intermediate experience just a little more interesting.