At Outbound Mountain, gear we focus on getting you back on the slopes & trail ASAP! We guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time on all ski and board service. For bike, we shoot for a 1-3 day turnaround time. All of our technicians are professionally trained and up to date on the latest service techniques and methods. At O.M.G. we believe in maintenance rather than repair! It is always better to keep components and bases in good working order to improve your adventure quality.

Bike Maintenance & Repairs

The Jordie Basic Tune: $60 
Includes: Safety Inspection, Component Inspection, Gear Adjustments, Brake Adjustments, Chain Lubrication, Inflate Tires, Test Ride
*Does not include ANY additional service or parts.

The McGazza Pro Tune: $99
Includes “The Jordie” Plus:
Basic Frame Cleaning, Basic Wheel Cleaning, Wheel True, Hub Adjustment, Headset Adjustment, Bottom Bracket Adjustment
*Includes most additional service labor, does not include any parts

The Chainsaw Signature Bicycle Tune: $149
Includes “The McGazza” Plus:
Drivetrain Removal and Parts Cleaning
*Includes most additional service labor, does not include any parts

Excessively dirty bikes will be charged a $25 cleaning fee determined by the tech. Bikes not picked up within 7 days of service is subject to $25 per day storage fee.


Ski Snowboard and Splitboard Tunes & Repairs

The Burke Tune - Edge/Base Bevel, Hand Wax, - $40
The Jake Tune- Green Tune + Base Resurface - $55
The McConkey Tune - Blue Tune + Minor Base Repair - $70
(Base weld $10 per inch)

New Ski/Board Prep - Steel Brush, Hand wax, Detune tip/tail - $30

Phantom GlidePHANTOM Glide is a permanent, high-performance base treatment for skis and snowboards that improves glide performance across a variety of snow conditions. $149.99
Phantom of Saucer Boy - Get a McConkey Tune + Phantom Glide -$179.99

Hand Wax - $20

Ski Mount - $50
Ski Mount w/ Purchase - $25
Ski Mount w/ Complete Setup - FREE
Ski Remount -  $55
Handmount - $70

Splitboard Mount - $25
Splitboard Mount w/ Purchase - $15
Splitboard Mount w/ Complete Setup - FREE

Helicoil - $5/Hole
Skin Trim - $20

(All other ski/board work must be quoted by the tech)