2021 DPS Pagoda Tour Dreamtime 112 Ski

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For our product and manufacturing team the Pagoda Tour construction is the product of countless hours of blood, sweat, tears, design iterations, and manufacturing innovation. They work well beyond your normal 9-5 dedicating themselves to building the world’s most advanced skis. With that kind of work ethic, and a deep passion for skiing, it’s only natural that many DPS employees find themselves heading out for a backcountry tour well before the sun comes up, or after the sun goes down. These special edition skis are a nod to the people here at DPS who keep the dream alive...


  • Textured Polyamide Top With Binding Reinforcement
  • Aerospace Grade Foam
  • Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
  • Fastest And Hardest World Cup Race Bases
  • New Pre-Preg Full Carbon Laminate
  • New Pre-Preg Full Carbon Laminate
  • Ash Wood
  • Paulownia Wood
  • One-Piece Full Wrap Sidewall

The key to Pagoda Tour’s performance is both in the choice of materials and how they are layered. By mating DPS’ proprietary new carbon laminate with a combination of ash and paulownia woods, and a purpose-built aerospace grade foam – that features incredible physical properties at minimal weight – a special alchemy emerges. The result is a distinct combination of power, energy, and dampness that rivals front-side oriented skis at classic touring weights.